liking boys is so dumb!!!!!

like this boy is talking about shoes right now and i’m hangin on every word who am i?


today was such a good day i can’t stop smiling

i have this silly superstition where i believe in balance

like usually if something good happens something bad will happen

and today was so good 

that i’m convinced something really terrible’s gonna happen tomorrow

(like really bad)

(because today was really good) 


trying not to like a boy is so hard when he’s constantly snapping u rlly cute selfies 


wow no one has kissed me in such a long time

he’s so fucking CUTE but i can’t see myself dating him (also he’s shown 0 signs of wanting to be more than friends)

like he’s goofy and silly and a good friend 

but also insanely attractive 

do you ever start feeling bad for all the hate straight  white boys get on tumblr, and then you hang out with a bunch of them for a few hours and realize 

please ignore me forever

i think i’m having a bit of a breakdown 

1. yesterday was fun/weird (which is how most nights out have been going these days) but i woke up this morning and felt a little like dying. 

2. i feel like i’m constantly making a mess of things. it feels like something terrible happened yesterday (and granted, it did) but these things usually don’t affect me much so i’m not sure if that’s it. i feel terribly inadequate, i don’t know what i’m feeling.  

3. i need to start making changes in my life. i need to start taking care of myself better. i need to start being more responsible. i need to learn to be a better friend, sister, daughter. i need to break ties with people who are doing more harm in my life than good.  and as cliche as it sounds, having just turned 20 might just be the opportunity i need. 

4. which is ironic, because i should be working on a paper right now that was due yesterday, but i’ve spent my day in bed binge-watching veronica mars.